School damaged after flash flooding

The sky darkened, then it unleashed an almighty down poor. Students ran to seek shelter yesterday afternoon as a storm rolled in, with lightening, thunder and torrential rain.

Paths around the school turned into rivers as torrential rain lashed Ararat.

Water ran from everywhere, paths around the school turned in to rivers while students in the VCE centre watched on in shock, most had not seen rain this heavy.

Students watched on in shock, some making use of the wet ground.

It soon became apparent that the rain wasn’t going to give in, so staff and students removed bags from the undercover locker area in the hope of salvaging belongings. By 3 o’clock the locker area was a lake, covered in a foot of water due to the streams converging on the low area.

Staff and students pitched in to sweep water away in the hallways as it began to seep into the Library.

As the bell rang at 3:25, the water had begun to reduce, drainage had caught up.

Across town there were similar situations, roads were covered by water, homes, businesses’ and council buildings received damage. Some families returned home to water inside, covering the carpet.

A flood assessment and clean-up team arrived from Melbourne last night to assess the situation. They found that a number of areas had received major damage. Including, the Trade Training Centre, library, L wing corridors, school psychologist’s office, underneath the Science and Language Centre and in the Business Manager’s Office. However, the flood team deemed the school safe enough for students to return today.

The team was back this morning to check more rooms and reassess the situation while students and staff attended a whole school assembly Gym.

It’s safe to say there will be plenty of clean-up ahead.

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