Gang Beasts – A fun game with friends

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer fighting game that uses stupidity to its advantage. It’s developed by Boneloaf and was published in December of 2017 by Double Fine Presents. It can be purchased and played on Windows, Linux, macOS, and PlayStation 4.

The game runs using unity, meaning it looks pretty decent and runs smoothly. Its style is cartoonish and funny, you move around with your arms flailing by your sides. Plus, you can make the game much weirder by giving your character a costume – there are pre-set costumes and little bits and pieces that you can put together in order to make your own custom costume.

The aim of the game is to head butt, punch and kick your opponents until you knock them out. When they are knocked out you have to try and quickly pick them up and eliminate them, this can be done in a number of ways depending on the map you are playing on. Maybe you have to throw them off a building, or into a pit of fire, or just simply out of a wrestling ring but you are against the clock.

PHOTO: Gang Beasts

After being knocked out you do get back up after a certain amount of time, all you have to do to stop them from doing much is knock them out again and they should be knocked out for longer than this time. It just keeps building up every time you or an opponent gets knocked out.

The game is meant to be played with friends so that you can have some fun in groups so it’s not worth buying if your friends aren’t going to also download it.

The game is $30 AUD which isn’t too bad if you have friends to play with and you like playing games where you don’t necessarily have an objective – instead just muck around with friends.

I enjoyed this game quite a bit but the controls can get very confusing and frustrating. If you often get angry at losing because you aren’t used to the controls or just losing, in general, this probably isn’t a game for you as it can get difficult.

Although it is difficult, it also brings along some funny moments and good times. It all depends on your gaming style and what you like to do in games. Worth a look at.

I give it a 6.5/10

Age Rating: E 10+ (Everyone 10+)

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