VCAL students lend a hand after local fire

VCAL students attended a fire recovery excursion last Wednesday on the Rocky Point Rd in Moyston. The students assisted landowners to repair and clear burnt fences after a fire in the summer holidays.

VCAL student Mitch Mckinnis explained the group’s involvement and commented on the gratitude felt by the farm owners.

“They were pretty thankful about it, it was really good. They treated us well, there was a good feed after it so it was pretty good.”

Both Mckinnis and Michael Purnell – who also spoke with us – were looking forward to similar volunteer work with the purpose of gaining more hands-on experience before leaving school.

VCAL students help with fencing after a fire caused damage in the holidays.
VCAL students Josh Scown and Reece Kettle fencing last Wednesday after a fire over the holidays caused damage.
Students cleared trees and completed fencing after a fire at Cathcart over the holidays.

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