And the Year 7 Grand Final goes to… Pyrenees!

In the closest game of the season, Pyrenees edged out Hopkins in the final nail-biting minutes of the Year 7 House Basketball Competition, winning 25 to 21.

In the first half Pyrenees took an early lead, with Hopkins flaring into action time and again to make up ground.

With the second half well under way Hopkins pursued Pyrenees relentlessly until they were drawn 19:19. Only in the final few minutes did Pyrenees burst ahead to take the lead, and hold it until the siren.

Pyrenees defeated Hopkins in the closest game of the season

Sonny’s boundless energy had him constantly in the thick of the motion. Where the ball was, there was Sonny. He had a special talent for hitting the ball away from the offense, teaming well with Jim Jennings, Olivia Graham, Hayden Dowling and Ryan Vermeend to drive the ball back to their end of the court, where they landed many a goal for the Blue. Olivia’s shooting accuracy earned repeated applause. Few could stop Jim Jennings when he was moving with the ball.

In the Gold, Kaiden Cooper, Hugh Toner, Tylah Wallis, Dylan Price and Darcy Aitken were worth their weight in the precious metal – relentless, heroic, united. To see Hugh Toner jump, spin 360 degrees in the air while throwing the ball into a perfect goal was magic to behold.

The crowds were clapping and cheering as never before. What a game!

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