Mars ‘Opportunity’ Rover Dies

For the past 15 years the Opportunity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars, traveled from crater to crater, gathering information from rocks, minerals and other substances.

Artist’s illustration of NASA’s Opportunity on the surface of Mars, which touched down on the Red Planet in January 2004.
Credit: NASA/JPL

Recently NASA has revealed that, as late as June 2018 they lost communication with Opportunity and have pronounced the rover ‘dead’. The rover has explored 45 km of the Martian surface. It landed in the 22 meter crater known as ‘Eagle’ on the 25th of January 2004 where it soon found iron, nickle and zinc.

Opportunity’s path around the Martian landscape

Opportunity changed the way we saw the Martian landscape. It shows indisputable evidence that water was once on Mars after finding jarosite which is commonly found in the outflow of acidic water from mining sites, which shows some sort of acidic water was involved in the formation of Mars’s landscape.

Opportunity’s tracks in the Martian Landscape

It seems that the death of the Opportunity rover has seriously impacted the space industry and greater community. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and will now mark the passing of this historical machine.

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