Riverdale Season 3 Recap – So Far

Before we go into a full fledge flashback of season three I wanted to share my opinion on the season so far. I am both loving and hating it. The plot is cool but it’s getting pushed away by all of the side plots, for example: the sisters crazy schemes, Hiram Lodge of course and all the other petty drama.

Episodes one-four were pretty lit. Then the next couple of episodes went a little cray cray. Thankfully, now that Hiram and the sisters are out of the picture I think G&G will be the main focus. This will hopefully mean we can figure out who the Gargoyle King is.

What happened in episode one?

Riverdale returned and we were all left in suspense after Archie was arrested at the end of season two. We all were thinking – ‘maybe Archie will be in jail, maybe he won’t?’ At the start of the first episode we were dragged straight into his trial. At first he was dismissed to deliberate so Jughead, Betty and Veronica were hopeful that Archie would be a free man.

They all knew Archie was innocent but they needed to figure out how to prove it. All fingers were crossed when the jury was called back into session, hoping the judge had decided on a decision in Archies favour.

The judge adjourned the case until the Tuesday after Labour Day. So… we were still confused. Was he going to jail or was he not? The Judge told Archie to enjoy the next few days as they may be his last as a free man.

So, of course, Betty begins to investigate and find proof Archie’s innocent – Archie steps in her way. He didn’t want to spend his last days of freedom running around like a headless chicken. Instead he proposed that the gang go and spend Labour Day at the swimming hole. The core four say yes but Cheryl decides to throw a pool party to celebrate the end of summer and her riding around the country with Toni.

They all head to Cheryl’s party and have an amazing time. But we can’t forget about the hotdog rescue mission. Jughead had been sending scouts over summer to spy on the Ghoulies and the last scout – Fangs – came running back to meet Jughead to let him know the Ghoulies had hotdog. Who is Hotdog? The serpent mascot who happens to be extremely adorable.

The gang then goes on a mission to get Hotdog back. Jughead tries stopping Betty from going on the mission but Betty gets annoyed. She comes out with one of my personal favourite lines, “The serpent queen, is a warrior queen.” Jug gives in and lets her tag along. Why they Hotdog some other things go down with none other than Penny Peabody.

Courtesy of The CW

The core four then head to the swimming hole. It’s adorable and one of my favourite scenes. Later that night, they’re camping and we see some juicy moments between the couples. As we all know Archie and Veronica prefer intimate moments rather than having a simple conversation. We can all guess what happened there. On the other hand, Betty and Jughead have so many close conversations it melts my heart.

This particular conversation is one of my favourites. Jughead and Betty talk it out. Betty tells Jughead how she isn’t ready for school and maybe she does need to go to a therapist. Jughead talks about life and how he will always be there for her because they’re “partners.” Jughead says, “from now on we’re partners, in serpents, in life, in all of it. Ok?’ Betty nods and they proceed to make out.

We’re then brought back to Archie’s trial. The judge declares that the jury will be dismissed indefinitely as they could not come to a decision. The judge tries to set the trial for another day, the opposite lawyer suggests an offer. If Archie pleads guilty they can reduce his sentence to two years in a Juvenile Detention Centre. Archie, not wanting to put his family through the trouble of continuing the trial immediately accepts the offer. He ignores his lawyer (his mum), and pleads guilty.

The episode ends with Archie getting thrown into the Juvenile Detention Centre and Jughead finding Dilton dead and Ben nearly dead after playing G&G.

The Episode ends and we all had to wait another week. A lot happened if you couldn’t tell.

What happened in episode two – four?

Alice finally let us in on G&G.

Episode two and three were fairly slow with no major events unfolding.

In episode four a body of things unfolded and it left us with a massive question looming over our heads. Who is the Gargoyle King? Alice sits Betty down and the episode becomes a flashback of the parents in high school. Who else should play the younger parents then the kids themselves.

Alice reveals how she found out she was pregnant during high school, then
Hermione found her and they were quite ‘salty’ towards each other.  Sierra, Hermione and Alice were in the bathroom when Penelope Blossom strutted in demanding their hall passes. Alice and Penelope snipe at each other and it ends up with Alice starting a fight that stuck all four of them in detention.

FP and Fred also landed themselves in detention by going on a nude run through the halls. They eventually find the game (Gryphons and Gargoyles) and decide to play it. They all become deeply immersed in the game and eventually run into the other group of parents… soon they are all playing together.

Courtesy of The CW

Eventually, they get to accession level and the Gargoyle king invites them to a night party. They play the game where they have to find the Chalices.The group roam around trying to find them, including Alice who goes to the bathroom and ends up finding the chalices. Instead of alerting the others she runs out of the bathroom and into the Gargoyle King.

Alice gets scared and tries to leave the school but she spots the principal entering with a flashlight. She hides and sneaks out once he is out of sight. Principal Featherhead wasn’t seen for days following the night until someone checked the cupboard under the stairs – a body fell out. Who’s body? I’m sure you know. He had sipped on the chalices and died in the same way as Dilton.

We still didn’t know who the Gargoyle King was but Betty was now determined to figure it out.

What happened in episode ten?

Archie broke out of the detention centre. Jughead and Archie ran away from Riverdale to get away from Hiram. Betty gets sent to the sisters. Hiram, of course, hunts Archie but thank the lords is unsuccessful. All of the vixens – except Cheryl – had seizures. Fangs sold fizzle rocks to get money for his sick family member.

Courtesy of The CW

Choni got kicked out of the serpents. Veronica proves Archie is innocent so he is no longer wanted, he is still on the run. Archie broke up with Veronica so he could run away from her dad. Reggie and Veronica kiss – I ship it. Archie gets attacked by a grizzly bear. FP becomes sheriff. Archie returns to Riverdale. The kids all study for the SATS. Hiram gets shot and Alice is still crazy – surprise, surprise. She even stole all of Betty’s money. See what I mean? Lots happened, no that this is all of it.

Episode 11, was interesting…

First of all, Betty went back to see Hal. They then teamed up to help Betty’s investigation.

Cheryl ruins everything but at the same time kind of fixes it.

Veronica enlists Jug to find out who shot her dad. Being Jughead Jones he found out more information than was needed. Hiram Lodge had a mistress who we thought shot Hiram, however, we find out it was not.

Jughead continued his investigation but during it, he and Betty discover Penelope Blossom’s secret brothel. Penelope informs them that she likes inflicting pain on the male kind. Jughead continues on his investigation to find out that FP Jones was the one who shot Hiram, only on the instruction of the Mayor Hermonie. Jughead also finds out Sheriff Minetta is still alive and is having an affair with Hermonie. 

In the last few parts of the episode, we see Hermione shoot Minetta and threaten Jughead. Jughead also reveals the “shooter” of Hiram, by killing two birds with one stone. Fangs and Sweetpea accidentally kill Tallboy. Moments before Veronica leaves the room Jughead asks if she wants to know who really shot her dad but she denies him and says, “Forget it Jughead. It’s Riverdale.” This sums up the show.

Episode 12,  these episodes are getting crazy…

If you’re still with me… well done. I’m going to get to this quickly.

In the latest episode, lots happened. Tom and Sierra got married – something I think was long overdue.

The midnight club – the parents – got sent accession letters again because they did not ‘complete’ the night. Cheryl continues to try and fix things – she gets Toni an interview at High Smith College while also setting up an LGBTQ+ school club. She creates a gang for Toni called the Pretty Posions. Before some of the romantic moments, Cheryl made the school club. It was her way of trying to get Moose out of the closet. It upset Moose and Toni. Toni and Cheryl then had their first fight and Cheryl cried as she has done numerous times throughout the show. Thanks to Cheryl’s club Moose comes out to his dad, so he and Kevin have a very special night in the bunker.

Unfortunately, the parents interrupt all of the kids because the supposed Gargoyle King tricked them when he was really after the kids.

Courtesy of The CW

No one was able to get ahold of Moose and Kevin so, unfortunately, they were taken by the Gargoyle gang – soon to be revealed as the ROTC club.

The Gargoyle King was exposed to be Moose’s dad. His dad explains that he only wanted to try to scare the gay out of Moose as the sisters had done to him when he was only a teen. Yes, Moose’s dad was gay. It really messed Moose up and he decided to move in with his aunt. He tells Kevin in the most heartbreaking way – they had only just been allowed to be happy in public. We see Kevin cry and personally, I shed plenty of tears myself.

It was quite sad but we were quickly interrupted by the fact that Jellybean and Gladys returned. We all know they are up to something but can we just take a moment of silence for Jughead’s smile.

Gladys thinks she now has the town under her control, FP being the sheriff and also having Hermonie lodge in debt to her. In the last few minutes of the episode we see an adorable moment shared between Archie and Josie. I thought it was adorable.

Now you’re all caught up. Riverdale returns Thursday February 28th .

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