Onrush is a good game with some server issues

Onrush is a car game with a twist – you get to destroy your opponent’s vehicles for a number of reasons… but we will get to those soon.

Onrush is a car game that was a PlayStation Plus free game a while ago so I got it for free and decided to give it a try. I rather enjoyed it and played it for a good 10 hours and I still could play more it’s just I have other games I would rather play now.

Onrush was developed by Codemasters Evo and published by Deep Silver in June 2018. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

Onrush has 4 game modes: Overdrive, Countdown, Lockdown, and Switch.

In Overdrive you win by using your boost and rush ability, you get boost by destroying opponents’ vehicles and fodder vehicles, airtime and tricks. You get rush slowly from boosting.

In Countdown mode you have to go through gates to add time to your counter, whoever’s team’s counter runs out first loses.

In Lockdown you have to capture a point that keeps moving along the track – whichever team has the most players in the point at one time wins after 5 seconds.

And lastly, in Switch the goal is to destroy the opponent – every time someone gets destroyed they lose a respawn and go up to the next class of vehicle until they use all their respawns, then their goal is to protect whoever’s left on their team with respawns. The first team to run out of respawns loses.

I enjoyed this game and found that it was more fun with friends but there are single player cups to play if none of your friends have the game. When I played it, though, there were some server issues where you would often get trapped in a race that you could never finish and you would have to wait until the server reset or restart the game and lose the experience from that game.

I give it a 6/10.

Age Rating: PG

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