Ararat Council is giving out Free Waste Vouchers

From March 1st to the 31st, the Ararat Rural City Council is giving out waste vouchers, allowing recipients to transport one cubic metre of hard rubbish into a designated waste area. The Ararat Rural City Council works with Sustainability Victoria, so rest easy knowing that any waste you have will be effectively re-used.

Items that will not be accepted for disposal are e-waste, green waste, dead animals, asbestos and commercial waste. However, Items that can be disposed include whitegoods, clothing, furniture, DVDs, and other items that cannot be disposed of normally.

This is a great opportunity for residents to use their local transfer station for free and dispose of rubbish they may have accumulated,

Dr. Harrison

This is not only a good chance to free up your house of clutter, but your waste opens up opportunities for others, either by breaking the item down into its components, or being donated to those who’ll make good use of it. Vouchers are available at:

  • The Ararat Rural City Council’s Office, located at 59 Vincent Street
  • Transfer Stations in Ararat, Lake Bolac, Elmhurst, Moyston, Pomonal, Tatyoon, Streatham and Willaura
  • On the Council website, which is at