Riverdale Recap: Requiem for a Welterweight

It may have been the longest few weeks of my life, thankfully all of us die-hard Riverdale fans have finally been satisfied with a new episode.


This week’s episode was called ‘Requiem for a Welterweight’ and was mainly focused on the gangs, Archie and Josie, Alice and Betty, and the Jones/Lodge business. So let’s get into it!

Courtesy of The CW

At the very start of the episode we see Gladys being kind, caring and a loving mum. She cooks Jug some breakfast and the Jones’ begin their morning like any other family.

Something funny and completely relatable that happened was when JB came out and said she needed her coffee. FP said, “wait, since when did you allow her to drink coffee?” Then they all exchange a glance and JB continues getting her coffee ready.

I’d also like to share how nuts Alice is, running around like a headless chicken preparing for her divorce. She brings out her random, old wedding dress and decides to wear it for her baptism at the farm.

She says, and I quote, “ Edgar says I’m finally ready!” One of the other dramas is between Hiram and Veronica. Hiram reveals he believes that someone close to him and the Jones family, teamed up to destroy his “candy” business.

Courtesy of The CW

What candy business you are asking? His fizzle rocks/drugs business which he was trying to expand before he was interrupted when being shot. He tries going after the Ghoulies and Gladys blackmails Veronica.

One of my personal favourite parts of the episode was between Archie and Josie. First, we see the pair going out for breakfast at Pops and their relationship starts to grow.

Archie has his first boxing match and unfortunately loses. I think Archie could have waited considering that Elio offered him $5000 to lose, just so his opponent would look good. Archie tries backing out but Elio wouldn’t allow him too, so Archie decides to try his hardest to win.

The Pretty Poisons and The Serpents are officially at war. Jughead tries offering Toni her spot back after Cheryl forced the Pretty Poisons to beat Sweet-pea and Fangs up – totally uncool, guys!

After Hiram’s unsuccessful attempt at gaining control of the Ghoulies, and Jugheads attempt at getting the girls back into the Serpents, he tries to get the Ghoulies to merge with the Serpents. He was unsuccessful so then Gladys tries and they agree.

Courtesy of The CW

Betty races against the clock to get to Alice’s baptism. She gets there to find Polly holding Alice down. She pulls Alice out and she isn’t breathing. After performing CPR Alice finally regains consciousness. Later that night – without thanking Betty – Alice announces she will be selling the house so that Betty, Alice, Edgar, the Twins, Polly and Evelyn can all live together at the farm. Betty is furious and begins to cry.

Wrapping up this article and episode, Archie and Josie share a very romantic scene. My personal thoughts when this happened immediately were negative, I didn’t want them to be like Varchie. We’ll have to wait and see where that goes.

Finally, we see Hiram telling Veronica and Hermonie that he knows about Hermonie trying to sell his products. He also learns that it was actually Veronica who burnt all of the equipment and drugs. Hiram threatens Veronica and demands his $75,000 back.

That was the episode through my eyes, I’ll see you next week!