Ararat College purchases an industry standard music system

On February 15th the Ararat College Music Program received some new equipment and gear. The purchase has been a long time coming and one that will allow students to use industry standard equipment.

Band Member Jai Davies-Harrison assists as the new music system arrives

‘Our school has been waiting for the arrival of this equipment for some time and we are very excited about its arrival and it being set up and ready for use,’ School Principal Geoff Sawyer wrote in last weeks newsletter.

‘With the addition of the new equipment our school now has one of the best sound and recording studios outside of Melbourne.’

Music Coordinator David Thompson (Snorkel) spoke with AC News to share his delight and excitement for the future of music at Ararat College.

What is the new equipment?

The new equipment is a recording system with up to date gear which includes a speaker system, mixing console, microphones and more.

How will the new equipment benefit the school?

It will allow all music students the chance to work with top of the range gear and be recorded. Everyone in the music program can use it, plus we will be renting it out to the public for hire.

The School Band rehearses with their new system

Will you be teaching people how to use the equipment?

Yes, there will be a course on sound engineering and it won’t be just a 1-day course – you will need to be taught how to use it properly.

How big is the difference between the old and the new equipment?

It is more efficient, the sound quality is better for individual musicians and group musicians. plus there are more specialised controls.

The School band rehearses with their new system

What is your opinion on the new equipment?

It’s a dream come true for Ararat College and the music program, it puts us on equal ground with the best music colleges in Victoria.

The new system is a huge improvement from our old one and will allow for a great future for the music program.