Brother Band Reunites

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas have made an exciting reunion, releasing their single ‘Sucker’ on the 28th of February.

The band recorded over 40 new songs over the last year and we can expect an album and tour at some point in 2019. The only country the boys have currently discussed coming to on tour is Australia because the last time all of them were here, they loved the country.

The Jonas Brothers formed their band in 2005, had a hiatus in 2011, and broke up in 2013. Since then, each of them continued with their own solo projects. Nick pursued his acting career, Joe formed his band DNCE and Kevin did some acting but mostly took time to focus on his family.

This reunion is pleasing for longtime fans of The Jonas Brothers and will undoubtedly win many new fans.

Stay tuned for updates on more new music from the band very soon!