A fire on Rocky Point Road, Denicull Creek was hard to access

Country Fire Authority crews were called to a grass fire on Rocky Point Rd, Denicull Creek near the Phillips Flat Rd intersection yesterday at 4:30 pm.

The fire was travelling in an easterly direction towards Mortlake-Ararat Road when crews arrived. They were faced with rocky terrain which made the area difficult to access.

PHOTO: Ararat Fire Brigade (Facebook)

‘Aircraft were called for due to inaccessible terrain, unfortunately, aircraft were unavailable,’ a statement read on Facebook.

Extra tankers and Ultralight vehicles were called in to assist with the fight, while some members chased the fire on foot when areas were too steep.

PHOTO: Ararat Fire Brigade (Facebook)

‘As the fire intensity increased on the southeast side foot crews were pulled out due to the danger and the decision was made to light a controlled fire (Backburn) around the lower part of the hill,’ the statement explained.

An advice message was issued for Ararat, Cathcart, Denicull Creek, Langi Logan and Rocky Point landowners to monitor conditions overnight.

The fire was declared safe just before 4pm today.