Year 8/9 Basketball Final will see Pyrenees and Grampians go head to head tomorrow


Grampians will make their debut in the House Basketball Grand Finals after their landslide victory against Hopkins yesterday, winning 25 to 10.

Squaring off against one another will be Pyrenees and Grampians in a rumble guaranteed to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

The Grand Final is set to rock the gym on Thursday, from 1.05pm.

GAME TWO- 28/02

Thursday’s Year 8/9 basketball game was a clash of the Titans. Hopkins kept pace in the first half, but in the end, were outmatched by Pyrenees, who took the game, 27: 17.

With dominating powerhouses like Flynn Toner and Logan Cooper, who smashed the ball, stole the ball, flying in from nowhere, appearing suddenly as if by magic to scoop the ball away, Hopkins did mightily well, earning their 17 points bravely with sweat and blood.

GAME ONE – 26/02

In an energetic and hard-fought battle, Grampians took the first 8/9 Basketball win against Pyrenees, 22:8.