AC News Website Launch

March 3rd, two years ago, marked the day that AC News was launched. Since then, they have been reliably reporting the news.

On March 1st, to celebrate the second anniversary of AC News, the team worked hard to launch an all-new, sleek website for the swift publication of high quality articles and video segments.

Year 9/10 Cafe Productions catered for the event, making delicious cheese cakes and rocky road, and AC News team members served coffee and tea. PHOTO: Melissa Murnane

After a short while, all seats in the Trade Training Center were filled up with students, teachers and parents and other supporters, including Councilwoman Jo Armstrong and AC News’ greatest benefactor, Janine Adams, whose pivotal role in developing AC News was highlighted in the speeches. Many had to scramble for whatever seats were left.

Then the team began their speeches, beginning with AC News founder and Producer, Jack Ward:

“Today we are not only here to celebrate two years of news gathering and reporting but to launch something that has been in the pipeline for a while.”

“We’re extremely excited to share this project with you and we hope it allows for further news to be covered in a way that can reach more people.”

Jack Ward

Over the years, AC News has had multiple achievements, one being 450 followers and growing on their Instagram, another being that their segments have been seen by over 54,000 people. The team have been remarkable at their jobs, ensuring that high quality is the standard.

Producer, Jack Ward, highlighted the team effort that goes into it all:

“I am so proud of our team. Every one of our members understands that a school news team is a major asset to have at Ararat College. I thank the team for their dedication, support and commitment – even though you don’t see them physically, you can notice the incredible work they do through their filming, editing, writing and photography.”

Jack Ward

Other speakers included journalist Claire Leggett, Assistant Producer Emily Lewis, writer Tash Ferguson, and photographer Amy Clarke.

Finally, the blue veil on the television screen was whipped away to reveal their sleek, modern website.

Just some of the AC News team, proudly displaying the new website. PHOTO: Leah Heinrich

AC News is proud to offer as the community’s go-to website for breaking local news and celebrating school news.