Batman: Arkham Knight

The story in this game takes place after ‘Batman: Arkham City’ and begins with the lifeless body of the Joker being cremated.

Following this event a small café is revealed. We see a police officer walking in and the camera becomes a first person view. You see the cop ordering his meal. Somebody walks up to you to make you aware of somebody smoking in the back corner.

As you make your way over you notice smoke coming from his bag. Seconds later the smoke takes its effect, causing everyone in the café to hallucinate and become aggressive towards each other. You pull out your firearm only to finish with an empty magazine and no results.

The horrified yet horrifying civilians fighting around the café notice you and jump towards your face to let you know how the story begins.

We see Commissioner Gordon revealing the news to the Dark Knight (AKA ‘Batman’). The action starts right away: with you leaping to the streets and taking control of our hero.

The ‘Scarecrow’ has created the ‘Fear Toxin’ which causes people to hallucinate and has a negative effect on their behaviour.

After the events at the café the police evacuate everyone in the city, aside from the crooks and your team: Tim Drake (Robin), Dick Grayson (NightWing), Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Alfred, the butler. Batman takes on an army in order to stop the ‘Scarecrow’ from releasing the fear toxin into the whole city of Gotham.

Most of the time you are Batman in this game, with some missions having two characters.

As Batman you have the ability to use a grapple to reach high places and build up speed to follow a long glide with your cape. You can dive to build up more speed for your glide, allowing you to quickly make your way across the environment, rooftop to rooftop. The Batmobile is your best friend throughout the game, allowing you to fight off tanks and take to the streets with speed.

When it comes to combat, this game takes it a step further, introducing some of the best and smoothest-feeling melee combat you’ve ever seen in a video game. This combat system has inspired many games such as ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Spider-Man’. The simplicity of the combat is what truly makes it a great experience: just dodge, counter and attack. It might sound really basic but when you take on a huge group of enemies you basically become a one man army. Early on in the game you will have to fight off roughly 15 enemies at once. It might not sound like much but when you first come to this fight it’s extremely difficult because you are still new to the game.

When you finally win the fight you feel like a god, which is something that makes this one of the best superhero games of all time.

Developed by Rocksteady Studios. Published by Warner Bros.

Plays on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows.