Riverdale Recap: Fire Walk With Me

This weeks episode was the first since Luke’s unfortunate passing. Riverdale’s writers have dedicated all future episodes to Luke, although he had a small part in this episode, it was nice to still see him.

PHOTO:Courtesy of The CW

At the beginning we see Alice being a devil, we see her setting the house up so that potential buyers can take a look. Whilst Alice is trying to hide the houses horrible memories, Betty is clearly trying to sabotage her.

Of course, the gangs are still at war but we all knew that would happen. Curtis, originally the leader of the Gargoyles, was trying to kill Fangs at one point. He hangs him over the staircase and drops him. Jughead and Sweet-Pea had to catch his fall.

The Pretty Poisons are also still at war with the other gangs, Cheryl is still struggling to understand that she made the gang for Toni. Thankfully, on a verge to get the Serpents back on track, Jughead speaks to FP who convinces almost all of the new gang (but of course not Curtis) to help out to enforce the law.

PHOTO:Courtesy of The CW

One of the other “cults,” or as most people know them as, The Farm, is still crazy as ever. We know Kevin has actually joined the farm, (Kevin. What the hell!?) but he has already turned into a little mean guy. Betty speaks to Josie and realises this must have been going on for a while. She follows him to a meeting that night, she sees a massive pile of hot coal on the ground and a group of teenagers standing around it.

Betty tries stopping Kevin but before she can, he happens to be walking across practically fire. The next day Betty writes an article and tries to post it but Kevin and Evelyn stop her by threatening to expose the shady doings of Alice, Chic and Betty.

Archie still continues his boxing career but while visiting him Josie and Archie hear a sound. They look in a storage room and find a young boy named Ricky sitting inside. It is later revealed that he is Joaquin’s younger brother. Archie finds out that Ricky has the same branding on his arm that Archie has on his hip.

Archie lets him crash at his house, right before the end of the episode little Ricky runs away. Archie couldn’t find him but when he turned around Ricky had a massive chefs knife. Ricky stabs Archie on the bottom of his stomach, then later Fred finds the “Kill The Red Pallidon” card. Ricky then disappears again but this time Archie does not follow.

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW

At the very end of the episode, we witness Betty being an absolute queen. Before Betty heads out, we see her looking at a cute pink stick candle. While The Serpents are cleaning up their new hang out, Jughead tells Betty that she looks more cheery. Betty simply replies with this comment, “I guess I just feel a lot better about things.”.

In the very next scene we see Alice entering a house full of smoke, then finally the next clip was half of the house on fire. Betty you’re a queen.

Now that was the whole episode! I liked it a lot but hopefully, there will be more of a variation next week. See you then.