And the 8/9 House Basketball Grand Final goes to…

The 8/9 House Basketball Grand Final on Thursday was another exciting and high energy game to round off the middle school competition. Pyrenees has continued to dominate the House Basketball, taking the Grand Final by a sizeable margin of 29 to 20.

Playing for the ‘golden’ Pyrenees were Joe Smith, Flynn Toner, Kaiden Cooper and Ryan Heard. In the first half, Flynn scored two for two when ‘foul shot’ opportunities came his way. In some Kodak moments, Flynn appeared to stretch himself beyond the physics of his body as he lunged sideways, arm swinging out to take possession of a ball that had seemed far wide of his reach.

Kaiden and Joe both demonstrated skill and accuracy on the court, with memorable scores and high-octane maneuvers. Ryan’s energy and focus was second to none, and he continually positioned himself well, getting the ball down the court for his team time after time.

In the Red were Chandler Culph, Darnell Naawi, Blake Jamieson and Jackson Hyland.

Jackson’s intimidating moves included a daring move of slamming the ball at the opposition at close quarters to catch them off balance, allowing the ball to fall back into Grampians hands. High risk move. High value for spectators! At times Jackson simply passed the ball on then made himself into a wall against the opposition. When he tried to bounce the ball through a gap between Flynn Toner’s feet, the only payoff was a chuckle from the crowd.

Committed and staunch throughout, Blake set up many a coordinated shot for others to take.

Chandler was the Energiser Bunny – ever animated on the court, scoring goals, ever in the thick of the action.

At times Darnell only gave the rest of the players enough time to watch and wonder from one end of the court as he took command of the ball and raced it solo to the other goal, leaping high, taking a shot at the goal and landing it to admiring applause!