Hopkins wins first Year 10-12 basketball game

Tuesday’s House Basketball resulted in a huge victory for Hopkins, who defeated Grampians 37 to 16.

Reece Kettle scored the first five goals for Hopkins, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Jayden Potter, for Grampians, wearing a red-headband and red face paint, impressed the crowd with his 3 point goal from mid-court.

PHOTO: Jack Ward

Mason Kelly, with over 6 goals, and Zac Hitchcock with over 4 goals, were standouts alongside Reece for their goal scoring skills.

Kirsty Skubnik, Mason Kelly and Taryn Kelly were standouts for blocking and frustrating Grampians players from getting the ball to their goal ring. Most players scored at least one goal during the game, with others playing important strategic roles, including setting up goals for others to score.