The Isle

The Isle is an online multiplayer set in the dinosaur era.

You have the choice to play in a survival type game mode where you start as a baby/juvenile and grow up to an adult, or play a sandbox type mode and spawn in as an adult straight away.

The open world game lets you play as almost any dinosaur you want, herbivore or carnivore. There are 8 survival carnivores, 6 playable in Sandbox (soon playable in Survival). There are currently 7 playable herbivores in Survival and 6 in Sandbox (soon playable in Survival).

Like all good things it has its down sides. In the survival mode the game can take hours at a time just to grow the dinosaur you want. But it gives rewards. A top level dinosaur can take up to 9 hours from its hatchling stage (you must be nested in to start from hatchling stage) or 7-8 hours from the spawn growth. Most normal dinosaurs only take 2-4 hours to grow from spawn. This is the chance another player may kill you for food.

The Isle was created by Dondi and his team.

Not being a fully released AAA game, you can expect some glitches and bugs with it. These range from having to mess around finding the right angle so it lets you eat, to bodies flying across the map and losing your hours of hard work. However, all of these issues are being resolved by the constant updates the game developers are releasing.

The basic art of “Thenyaw”: the original Isle map