Pyrenees had an easy win against Grampians in the Year 10-12’s second game

Pyrenees declared themselves once again in their 10-12’s team on Thursday, taking ownership of the court against Grampians, and cruising into victory, 31 to 15.

The stars of the game were Charlie Waites, scoring 7 goals, Kobe Davis, 6 goals, and Flynn Jamieson with 5 goals.

PHOTO: Melissa Murnane

Jayden Potter sank both basketballs into the hoop when some foul shots landed in his lap.

Dylan O’Brien was a fireball of energy, blocking and distracting his opponents to help keep the ball in Red hands.

Well done to all of the players, all of whom can be proud of their conduct and coordination. In the Gold were Charlie Waites, Kobe Davis, Flynn Toner, Jackson Morale, Amy Wood, Ella Wood and Toneya Hurst. In the Red were Flynn Jamieson, Blake Jamieson, Jacob Honeyman, Dylan Macreadie, Jayden Potter and Dylan O’Brien. They have all raised the bar of expectation in House sports and participation, with their enthusiasm, sweat, and willingness to earn a few bruise-coloured badges of honour along the way.

PHOTO: Melissa Murnane

A PRONOUNCED thank you to umpires Mason Kelly, Jeremy Breen and Flynn Toner.

A SERIOUS thank you to scorers Ryan Heard and Declan Barrie.

An EXTENDED thank you to House Captains Sophie Graham, Taryn Kelly, Amy Wood, Toneya Hurst, Jackson Morale, Shay Edwards, Dylan Macreadie and Ned Bond for their attendance, organisation and support. (Lauren Bowles was an apology, engaging in school services elsewhere, where it was needed.)

Hopkins are already in training for their clash with Pyrenees on Tuesday – this will be a game to watch! Don’t miss this one!