Students begin their Spectacular journey

The Victorian State School Spectacular will be held on September 14th this year at Melbourne Arena (formerly Hisense Arena). Mass dance rehearsals began last week. Two shows will be performed by over 3000 students.

PHOTO: Kevin Bowles

The Spectacular includes a 64 piece orchestra, 1300 choir voices, 1200 mass dances groups, 30 lead vocals, 16 principal dancers, 20 ensemble dancers, 8 backing vocals, roller skaters and puppeteers.

This year’s theme will be based on space, aliens, rockets, astronauts and will include blue aliens, like Smurfs, dancing around. Based on the anime style, one of the costumes worn by mass dancers will be jackets that will flip inside out to allow for two designs.

The primary students will be performing ‘Faith’ from Sing while the secondary students will be performing ‘The Shallow End’ by Sam Sparro, along with other tunes that will have you tapping your feet.

PHOTO: Kevin Bowles

Year 9 student Amy Clarke was involved with the School Spectacular last year and is looking forward to being back at Melbourne Arena in September.

“It was fun being in Melbourne last year: after many regional rehearsals, it’s a lot bigger with the whole cast. I’m looking forward to being back at Melbourne Arena,” Clarke said.

Deon Nuku is the choreographer for the show who travels across the state to teach students their dance moves, before they come together in Melbourne for the show.

“The lows would be the amount of time that I spend in the car driving to Sydney or NSW, or wherever I’m going to teach kids to dance. The highs are watching your choreography being performed by people and students – it just makes you feel amazed,” Nuku said during Ballarat’s first rehearsal.

Mass dance students will have another three rehearsals in Ballarat before the September Spectacular.