Riverdale Recap: American Dreams

This week we celebrated the 50th episode, as well as FP’s 50th Birthday!


Courtesy of The CW

As the episode begins, Gladys suggests that everyone must “eat up, cause they’re taking a little ride!” We then see Jellybean and Gladys smiling fondly at a house on Elm Street: Jughead and FP are shocked. Elm Street sounds familiar….yep.

Gladys anonymously bought the Coopers house so Betty and Alice were just as shocked as the Jones Boys. Betty was already distraught that Alice wanted to sell the house and now she knows that her boyfriends mum brought it. Jughead – being the best boyfriend ever – suggested that Betty could live in the house with them.

In the last episode, it was declared that Archie had been made the Red Pallidon. In this episode, the question was how many ‘Kill The Red Pallidon’ cards were out there. Archie went straight to Hiram for some answers who admitted to giving the cards out. He said that he only gave a few cards to some of his handy-men to hand out – he wasn’t sure who had them now.

Instead, he gave Archie various locations where he could go to speak with G&G players. Continuing his mission to no longer be the Red Pallidon, Archie, Betty and Jughead come up with a plan to invite the G&G players to have a go at Archie from dusk till dawn.

Courtesy of The CW

Jughead’s idea was to send out a mission – supposedly sent from the Gargoyle King – inviting everyone to a boxing ring where they could fight Archie. If they got Archie on his knees within three minutes they would win the quest. However,  if Archie got them on their knees then they no longer have that quest.

Thankfully, Archie won all of the battles. Hiram seemed like he was helping out during this episode but I feel as if he is up to something, considering he gave Archie a boxing ring. We’ll see what happens there.

Next up, Choni. In the past few episodes, they have been strong but they’ve also had many squabbles.  I don’t think Toni is being very fair to Cheryl anymore. Cheryl made a mess of things but she tried to fix them. Toni appreciated them at first.

We all know Cheryl, no one can control her. In the last episode, Toni didn’t like that Cheryl was trying to control the Pretty Poisons; Toni had the right intention but I think this episode Toni wasn’t being that fair to Cheryl.

In their very first appearance, Cheryl tries to reward Toni’s handwork by booking a ski trip for a Choni getaway. Rather than saying thank you, Toni immediately explains that the Pretty Poisons and herself were planning a road trip to Sugar Lake. I think Toni yelled at Cheryl a lot last week for doing things without consulting her, yet in this episode, it seems like Toni was doing exactly that herself.

Cheryl got upset at this but instead of Toni sitting her down and speaking it out, Toni had to get to work straight away.

Cheryl pops into Le Bonne Nuit in the episode to give Toni some freshly baked cherry scones but as she walks in she sees Veronica and Toni singing together. The lyrics of the song clearly hit home for Cheryl, Toni sees Cheryl but she doesn’t stop.

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Later on, Cheryl goes back to Le Bonne Nuit to tell Toni that she is planning to break in. Cheryl tries to break into Le Bonne Nuit that night and Toni is there. They actually have a juicy moment, then they suggest that they have to talk. Their talk ends with Cheryl being upset again. Cheryl suggests that maybe Toni should move out. Toni thinks things were too fast, after everything Cheryl did for her, she felt like nothing was rightfully hers. Have they broken up? I guess we’ll see.

As we all know, Gladys is back so Falice hasn’t been happening. Alice goes to speak to FP at the Sheriff’s office. FP tells her that it has to be over, as he and Gladys are still married. This hurts Alice but FP says that Gladys is the mother of his children – but if we can recall that FP fathered one of Alice’s children.

There was lots of relationship drama in this episode!

Veggie, Falice and Choni all had problems throughout. Bughead was stronger than ever but Archosie wasn’t on show at all.

Continuing the Theme of FP’s birthday, Jughead gives him an amazing speech. But before we get to that… I guess we can all remember Gladys taking over the drug trade? Well, Veronica told Betty, then Betty told Jughead. I assume you can take a swing at what Jughead did. He told Gladys that he knew. Some family drama to add to the episode which isn’t anything new.

Fred (Luke Perry) makes an appearance at FP’s birthday. He gives FP a hug and share’s his excitement about becoming neighbours. A couple of things Fred said makes me sad because it was as if his ghost was giving us some advice.

Jughead makes a very special speech, although, he almost spills the tea to his father about his mum taking over the drug trade.

Betty and Jughead then plot to and I quote, “save Jellybean, protect his dad and run his mum out of town.”

That wraps up this weeks episode, I’ll see you next week.