Anthem is a game that feels a lot like Destiny. Destiny was a big game back when it came out and it’s sequel, Destiny 2, can still be found in many stores.

Just like Destiny, Anthem is an RPG game but it is in third person. It was developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts (EA) on the 22nd of February this year.

It runs on Frostbite 3 and can be purchased and played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

The game is set in the future where the human race has gone to war against an alien race, but that is where Destiny differs – you do not have to play as a human. This is where the game gets really fun because the humans didn’t have weapons powerful enough to combat the legion of aliens that have destroyed much of the world the humans are now housed on. And so they had to develop one, and they got a result known only as a “javelin”.

A javelin is a powerful exosuit, meaning it’s a robot that a human is capable of climbing into and controlling. As Anthem is, in its current state, there are 4 different javelins that you can unlock, but if you can’t decide which one you want to play that’s alright because you will have them all by the time you finish the game.

Before I go through the different javelins and their abilities I will talk about the title of the game. It refers to something called the Anthem of Creation, which is basically a power source that is capable of shaping planets and creating things known as cataclysms. The shapers (Gods) once tried harnessing the power of The Anthem and they used it to shape the world as it is, but it got corrupted and now it is constantly in conflict with the tools they were using, causing it to create cataclysms at random that aliens come through.

The main point of Anthem is to silence these cataclysms and The Anthem of Creation. Certain people are born with the ability to hear The Anthem, these are non-playable characters and purely story – based, they are called Cyphers and they help during missions to find the objective by sensing the cataclysms before they appear.

But now onto the different javelins.

I will start with my personal favourite – Storm. If you like to play a mage class in RPG games then Storm is probably the best way to go. As its name suggests, Storm is one the most technologically advanced javelins the humans have developed and is probably a good reason to say he is the favourite of the four, but almost losing his spot to Interceptor. Storm has the ability to conjure up lightning, ice, and fire. He then slams lightning into the enemies, freezes them with ice or hurls fire at them. His ultimate move is similar, slamming lightning into them, then a huge chunk of ice, and to finish it off, a massive compact fireball.

The Storm javelin.

I’m going to have to stop it there, however, as I have not played the other three javelins. I will write more on the different javelins as I come around to them in this order: Interceptor, Colossus, then finally Ranger.

I give it a 9/10.

Age Rating: M (violence may not be suitable for some children)

  • No gore