Job Simulator

I owe thanks to Liam again for allowing me to play this game.

Job Simulator is developed and published by Owlchemy Labs and can be purchased and played on PlayStation VR and Windows. (See Beat Saber for required equipment to play on PlayStation VR and Windows.)

Job Simulator was pretty fun and I quite enjoyed just mucking around for ages, drinking coffee, throwing stuff, shooting hoops, blending fire extinguishers – you know… the normal day-to-day activities – but when I actually focused on the tasks I had to do, I quickly found that they flew by and I was done with that job. And although I only tried the office job and chef job I thought that if you didn’t muck around at all you could be done far too quickly. Then the game wouldn’t be fun at all. It would be gone too quickly and there are only four jobs to do in the first place. But because I get easily distracted I found it to be fun.

There isn’t anymore I can really say about the game apart from the fact that it’s just more of an occupational game to do in your spare time rather than a game you would play a lot.

But either way, I still really enjoyed it and will give a short explanation of what I did in the two jobs that I tried. I may also get around to writing a second review covering the other two jobs.

In the office job I mainly just threw stuff at my coworker robots, fired people, hired people and played Flappy Bot on my computer. I also used the photocopying machine (that doesn’t just copy paper) and I ended up finding a glitch where I could enlarge sticky notes to the point where I would have to hold them away from me to be able to see the whole note. I also copied my hands a few times, a little toy worker robot and of course… my face – however, it dispensed just a brain.

I didn’t spend as much time in the Chef job as I did in the office but in that time I managed to mess up a simple tea about 5 times before I got it right. I burnt some crumpets, cooked some bacon, lit a mug on fire, put a fire extinguisher, a lemon, an apple, some grape juice, a tea bag, and some glass into a blender and turned them into a smoothie, which I then drank some of and served.

So that was fun.

Not sure if I would do it again because I think it would be repetitive, but I might do the other two jobs some time.

I give it a 9/10.

Age Rating: E (10+)