This year’s school play SUCKS

The stakes have been high throughout the last two weeks of auditions and deliberations for this year’s school production of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’

Yesterday, the cast list was shared with students after much anticipation and waiting.

Tylah Wallis and Harry Hauser audition for this year’s production.
PHOTO: Claire Leggett

Auditions were held on Thursday 7th March but due to an overwhelming response by talented students, some people were required for callbacks.

Teacher Janine Poole is this year’s School Play Director, following on from her successful direction of ‘Another High School Musical: Bring It On’ last year.

A group of students read a scene during their auditions
PHOTO: Claire Leggett

Miss Poole told AC News that this year’s show is based on a young girl named Buffy, who has just moved to town and unbeknownst to her, she’ll soon become a vampire slayer.

All through the production there will be singing, dancing, and a whole lot of fun Miss Poole explained.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lead Cast

  • Caitlin O’Brien is playing Buffy – female lead, vampire slayer. She has a lot of strong attitude. (Understudy- Zafirah Davies-Harrison)
  • Jack Ward is playing Xander – male lead, best friend of Buffy and Willow. He is awkward and has a crush on Buffy.
  • James Mullin is playing Spike – male lead, vampire leader, British accent and smart mouthed.
  • Toneya Hurst is playing Willow – female lead, best friend of Buffy and Xander. She is also smart and shy.
  • Holly McAdie is playing the Narrator – female lead who narrates the show in front of curtain and ends up being a part of the action. 
  • Lauren Bowles is playing Cordelia – female lead, stuck up and popular, frenemy of Buffy and she is sassy and stupid.
  • Zane Saunders is playing Angel- male lead, a vampire with a soul, mysterious.
  • Ashleigh Evans-Schott is playing Giles – female lead, watcher, British accent
  • Harry Hauser is playing the Demon of Dance – male lead.

Medium Roles

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch – Zafirah Davies-Harrison (Understudy – Bella Fiegert
  • Sgt Owen – Amy Clarke
  • Raven – Dakota Barrie
  • Salem – Mia Chase
  • Becca – Emily Lewis
  • Phoebe – Bianca Carter
  • Dayna – Ella McLoughlin
  • Mikayla – Bella Fiegert
  • Tonya – Tash Ferguson
  • Mrs Summers – Lana
  • Faith – Aria Davies-Harrison
  • Josie – Kiera Milsome
  • Valerie- Claire Leggett
  • Melody- Ally P   
  • Darla- Ash Sewastenko
  • Calamity- Hannah Hedger
  • Chandra- Sophie Townsend         
  • Elena- Sruthi Kaluri
  • Adriana- Olivia Graham
  • Leah- Hannah Burns
  • Oz- Pat Smith
  • Layna- Chelsea Bond   
  • Astrid- Tylah Wallis
  • Katya- Abby Shay

Small Roles

  • Xena- Olivia McGrathXena- Olivia McGrath
  • Gerard- Will Townsend    
  • Indi Will- non speaking soldier     
  • Codey Woolley- non speaking soldier
  • Eloise- Alanna Robertson
  • Alexis – Claire Clark
  • Damon- Joe Smith
  • Anya- Kilarnee Wilkinson

Students can’t wait to get started on rehearsals which will begin next term. The show will be performed in August.