Riverdale Recap: Big Fun

We have finally been delivered with this season’s musical episode! I’m guessing this will be drama-packed as Cheryl is still mad at Toni and The Farm is co-sponsoring the musical, a recipe for disaster. Anyway, let’s put that aside and get into the episode.

After the recap we immediately see Hermonie slam the Heathers script onto Weatherbee’s desk. She states that a musical about teen violence and suicide is not good for Riverdale, especially after what happened last year.

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW

Kevin is quick to step in and begins singing a song. I love when Kevin sings! The first song is very beautiful, going along with one of the lyrics, “we can be beautiful…just not today.”

Jughead and Betty are talking about trying to stop his mum when Betty continues the song. We see Jughead sing one line, out of the blue. I screamed… it was long over-due. He even bopped Betty on the nose!

Cheryl stars in this musical as Heather Chandler, Veronica stars alongside her as Heather McNamara and then Betty stars as Heather Duke.

Whilst Kevin is trying to convince Hermione that Heathers will be a great production, the girls begin singing together. Kevin says, “Cheryl was a real mess after her breakup with Toni, but then she gave herself the role of HBIC. Betty and Veronica are playing the other Heathers, Heather McNamara and Heather Duke but Cheryl’s the mythic bitch.” I’m really excited to be able to see Cheryl shine in this episode after she was kicked out from the last musical episode.

The cast then begins rehearsals. Obviously, Cheryl is still mad at Toni so when Kevin brings in Toni to choreograph they fight it out by singing “Candy Store.” At one point, Cheryl just yells at Toni to shut up. I hope these two work it out as they were one of my favourite couples.

Betty is still hating the farm, she confronts Evelyn to ask why she’s been co-directing. Evelyn invites everyone to a cast party at The Farm – formerly home to The Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Veronica pops back home to get changed and then heads to the party but Hiram puts a stop to that. He says, “your mother and I are separating.” Veronica is in shock and denial, she doesn’t want this to happen. Hopefully, this is for the better and Hermonie will finally get the better life she deserves.

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW

At the cast party, Evelyn seems cool for a change. If only the farm wasn’t actually home to bad people.

Everyone seems to be having fun, even Cheryl who was angry when Toni arrived at the party. Following the song, we see Veronica and Reggie in Veronica’s bed. So… the drama must be in the past. Reggie suggests that maybe they are endgame, Veronica looks like she is about to object but instead kisses him.

Back at the party, Evelyn offers Kevin a brownie while having a very shady look on her face. Kevin begins having hallucinations that Midge was on the wall and she moves her head – weird I know.

It’s then back to rehearsals and Evelyn suggests that they start by sharing something about themselves. Kevin says that he is being haunted by Midge’s ghost ever since rehearsals began. Fangs also admits that he sees her in his nightmares too.

Cheryl and Toni are still having so much trouble. Cheryl goes out into the hall to find Toni in an all red outfit and immediately becomes defensive. She tells Toni that she has until the first bell on Monday to clear every trace of herself from the halls. Cheryl flicks her hair and walks away.

Toni looks crushed and begins a beautiful solo. She was about to do some naughty things with Peaches and Fangs but then screams stop. She admits that she can’t do it.

Betty finds out that Fangs is joining the farm. Betty also sees Kevin and Fangs share a beautiful kiss. Does this mean that they are together now?

The KenGs moment cuts and it’s Archosie time. Archie and Josie share an adorable conversation. Then they sing yet another duet together and dance around the boxing ring.

Toni arrives at Cheryl’s in the next scene and she wants to know what they are fighting about. They both then agree that maybe it isn’t too late for them to start over.

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW

Jughead and Betty are standing in Jug’s trailer which has been turned into a drug lab. The trailer was stolen earlier in the episode. So, this is where they believe that Gladys has started her drug trade.

Suddenly the episode takes a sad turn when Betty tries comforting Jughead – it’s very cute at the same time. He also gets to sing along again in a duet with Betty. It was the best!

Toni and Cheryl join in on the duet, while Jughead and Betty began dancing in the trailer, then, of course, both couples share an adorable kiss. Bughead also shares another romantic moment near the end of the episode.

The rest of the episode is jam-packed with more drama. Jughead planning to stop his mum. Veronica trying to get her dad back home when she finds out some things about Hermonie’s bad doings.

This episode was full of incredible songs, and it included all the emotions. Veronica practically breaks into tears singing her solo and other songs almost made me cry too.

Just as the episode ends we see the cast getting ready to go on stage. This episode has got to be one of my favourites.