School Farm’s new building arrives on site

VCAL students can look forward to a new facility at the school farm as Ararat College continues to expand the program.

A RAL 3 home in Ararat moved by truck from AME Systems to the School Farm Campus on Monday of last week.

The School Farm’s new building arrives on site.
PHOTO: Jack Ward

The building will provide a learning space for the Ararat College’s Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and an alternative re-engagement program for disengaged youth.

The school decided to purchase the building so it can offer student’s an alternative education facility. Due to the original building’s condition, the school had to find an alternative solution.

Ararat College’s Business Manager Coralie Whitworth said that the building will be used for classes outside the normal educational programs, focused on the hands-on side of VCAL.

The College has worked closely with the Loeliger family, the manufacturers of the home, during the purchase process.

“The Loeliger family have been fantastic, I’ve dealt a lot with Brett (Loeliger) over the period of the purchase.”

“It now means that we’ve got a building that’s actually been manufactured in Ararat, and we can keep it on the school farm.”

The School Farm’s new building makes it’s journey to the site.
PHOTO: Jack Ward

Whitworth said that working with the family has been fantastic, “they’ve just been so thrilled that we’ve been able to acquire that building.”

The building is expected to be usable by the middle of next term and will be a major asset for Ararat College students.

“It will benefit the student’s quite a lot, providing a very nice facility for a start [that will] include an indoor, outdoor learning centre,” Whitworth said.

“The VCAL staff and students have been doing an amazing job. With an increase in students to the VCAL program, it means that we’re going to be able to have a suitable facility that’s going to be amazing for the students.”

Students in the VCAL program also harvested their own grapes at the farm last Wednesday which they’ve been growing for the past twelve months.