GWM Water yet to discuss with council about Rundell Street works

The Ararat Rural City Council is seeking a financial contribution from GWM Water, to assist in the sealing of a section of Rundell Street.

A petition signed by local residents who were concerned about dust and noise was put forward to council, at last Tuesday’s meeting councillors decided to consider a plan to seal a section of the road.

Ararat Rural City Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison said Council will seek a 30% contribution from GWM Water to pay for the work, which would cost around $110,000.

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Dr Harrison said a 107-metre-long section of the street east of Maude Street will be resealed if GWM Water contributes financially.

GMW Water has told AC News that they are yet to discuss the issue with council.

“At this stage, we have not had any discussion with Council about such a request,” Andrew Rose, Executive Manager Stakeholders and Governance of GWM Water said.

“We are doing some sealing on our own property where trucks access a Stand Pipe for carting water and this is adjacent to Rundell Street. This work is expected to be done in the very near future.”

GMW Water Ararat
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Dr Harrison said the council’s work would include road sealing, improved drainage and the installation and replacement of culverts to properties along the section of the street.

“The Council made an informed decision on the request after assessing the cost against the issues residents are experiencing.”

Dr Harrison said the section of the street has two residential dwellings and two commercial properties, with trucks regularly entering the GWM Water depot and exiting on to Maude Street after filling with water.

He said sealing the road would resolve the dust issue and would improve the maintenance requirements associated with unsealed roads.