How the 10-12’s House Basketball Grand Final went down…

In the House Basketball 10-12’s Grand Final last Tuesday, Hopkins took an early lead, eyes on the final victory. 

Mason Kelly displayed an inspiring ability to leap out of the scrum like a fish leaping out of the water, to snatch the ball away, scoring four goals for Hopkins.

PHOTO: Shaylee Edwards

Taryn Kelly was fierce on the court, ploughing through Red players like a hot butterknife through soft butter, scoring points for Blue, and making many sneaky-looking passes.

Sophie Graham protected her end of the court, claiming her space just outside the three-point arc, catching and passing the ball to Blue players at the basket.

Reece Kettle and Zac Hitchcock kept themselves in the thick of the motion, scoring three goals each and burning up massive amounts of energy as they covered the court from one end to the other.

PHOTO: Shaylee Edwards

At half time the score was 17:6 in Hopkins’ favour.

With 5 minutes left in the final half, Hopkins still held the lead at 19:14.

That’s when Flynn Jamieson, for Grampians, decided to get his A-game on, landing a three pointer from mid-court, closing the gap and earning much applause from the crowd.

With four minutes on the clock Hopkins had a three point lead, 21: 18.

Then Grampians momentum took off. 

With just under three minutes on the clock, they took the lead, 21:22.

At the two minute and 90-second countdown, the Red lead increased to three points then five points – the buzzer sounding the victory for Grampians, on 30, Hopkins, 21.

PHOTO: Shaylee Edwards

Flynn Jamieson, Ryley Ball and Blake Jamieson were the biggest scorers for Grampians, with Dylan O’Brien sinking an impressive three-pointer early in the game and Dylan Macreadie making his presence felt with points scored also. 

With Shay Edwards and Jacob Honeyman, Grampians formed a well-coordinated, multi-limbed beast that found its feet and roared its defiance in the final half.

Well done, Grampians, on a well-deserved victory.

We look forward to future fierce competition with these students who take a stand and make their mark for Hopkins, Grampians and Pyrenees in the House rumbles. 

With Athletics Day not too far away, we’re sure to see more talent and team spirit light up the parkways, corridors, fields and courts of Ararat.

A round of applause to umpires Mr Krol and Mr Sharp.

A roaring thanks to scorers Dylan Macreadie and Jackson Morale.

Thank you to the crowd for their support and applause. Mr Sherwell, your kind words and applause directed to the players across the court may make up for your divided loyalty across the Houses.

Well done and congratulations to Captains Sophie Graham, Amy Wood, Dylan Macreadie, Jackson Morale, Taryn Kelly, Ebony Burton, Lauren Bowles, Ashlyn Seeary and Shay Edwards.

Your organisation, support and cheering made House Basketball the success that it was. Fantastic leadership.