AC News approached by ABC Executive Producers, TV possibilities are being discussed

AC News could have a future on TV after talks with the ABC lead to a possible deal.

The ABC contacted our team at the beginning of this year to put forward the idea of a nightly news show aimed at a younger audience.

PHOTO: Kate Sellon (ABC & AC News Logos)

“We have been following AC News’ work for a while now, we think the students are doing a terrific job… who wouldn’t want to hear news from people their own age,” said ABC Executive Producer Tom Peterson.

“If we have a show delivering news aimed at young people we can begin to build that youth audience. Behind the News does that once a week but a nightly program by the AC News team will further that growth.”

The ABC’s audience numbers are growing, evening outrunning the struggling Channel Ten.

The organisation is looking for a program to battle against Seven’s The Chase, Nine’s Hot Seat and Ten’s Eyewitness News.

AC News has been sworn to secrecy, until now. This morning Producer Jack Ward shared his excitement about the possible deal.

“I am overwhelmed with feelings. I know that the entire team is looking forward to seeing where this goes and what it means for us and our schooling,” Ward said.

“It will be amazing if it was to eventuate and at this stage everything is looking positive. Young people delivering the news to young people… what’s better than that?”

The ABC will not confirm anything at this stage, as talks continue to determine an action plan between our organisations and Ararat College.

P.S – None of this article is factual. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!