Monstrous dinosaur discovered in Canada

The Alberta University in Canada has uncovered what appears to be the biggest and bulkiest Tyrannosaurus Rex ever.

The monster has been given the name of ‘Scotty’, based on a bottle of scotch used in celebration.

“Scotty is the oldest T-Rex known,” said Doctor Scott Persons, lead author of the study.

The bones of Scotty’s legs have a weight of over 8,800 kilograms. The T-Rex was roughly 13 meters in length and lived to the age of roughly 30 years. It is the oldest known T-Rex. “By which I mean, it would have the most candles on its last birthday cake,” Dr Persons said.

It died 66 million years ago. The size, weight and age is greater than any other dinosaur. Scientists have discovered multiple injuries and scars across the bones.

“This is the rex of rexes,” Dr Persons said.

The T-Rex was first discovered in Saskatchewan around the United States border in 1991. The surrounding sandstone which had buried the dinosaur took more than a decade to eliminate. The easier access has allowed the scientists of the University to do closer examinations and discover more about the horrific beast.

Dr Persons said, “I think there will always be bigger discoveries to be made.”