Riverdale Recap: The Raid

We are brought back into the darkness during this week’s episode.


We see the Serpents plunging into some very exciting police training. The boys mess up and are forced to do it all again.

We see Evelyn announcing that there will be an open house at the farm. She asks Veronica if she is allowed to put posters up in Pops. Betty sits quietly nearby and takes a long sip from her milkshake. After Evelyn turns around, Veronica looks and Betty, to say, “Of course I’ll go with you.”

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW

Throughout this episode we see Jughead go on several missions. One of the first suspicious moments was when FP lets his family know that his childhood trailer was burnt, however, they were able to uncover the remains of Gladys’ drug cooking equipment.

Jughead thinks about telling FP but Gladys gives him a glare. After FP leaves the room, Gladys threatens Jug so he decides he won’t.

When he next goes on a mission it’s to drive the Gargoyles out of town. The Serpents find the drug hotspots and force them to spill on the whereabouts of their dealer. They begin searching and do this throughout the entire episode. After Jughead accidentally busts FP’s bust, his dad bans him from continuing his investigation.

Does Jughead listen? Of course not. He secretly continues the search. He eventually finds the drug lab and even fights personally with Kurt. Kurt runs backwards and throws himself, as well as Jughead, out of the window. Poor Jughead – thankfully he gets up and isn’t injured.

The drama within the Lodge family continued this week. Veronica gets home at one point to hear her mum on a very heated phone call with her father. Hermonie confesses that Hiram is opening his prison and that she, the Mayor, was not invited to the opening.

Hermonie admits that once the divorce is public she will be in grave danger. Hiram is out of the picture so Hermonie has no protection. Veronica tries to do everything in her power to keep her mum protected but Hiram tells her that her parents are officially done. Veronica is not dealing with it at all.

Now back to the farm. Betty goes to the open house and has a “quick interview.” Evelyn asks her some questions that seemed normal but then suddenly asks, “Are you a cold person?”

Later on we see Betty and Cheryl. Betty convinces her to help spy on the farm. They do some fancy Nancy Drew work and we learn more about Cheryl’s feelings after Jason died.

Edgar also re-appears and actually seems pretty cool… of course, he’s really not! The next day Betty approaches Cheryl and asks why she hadn’t been answering her. Cheryl says she does not want to partake in the spying anymore. We find out this is because she is actually joining the farm. Why, oh why!?

Betty wants to find the tapes that Edgar has of all the farmies. She breaks into the farm’s storeroom to discover the whole collection. She also finds out that the reason Cheryl is going to the farm is because she can see Jason.

Is the farm resurrecting people now? After getting this information Betty gets in contact with her mum and questions if this is why Alice is obsessed with the farm. Alice admits that it’s true. Betty then meets Edgar.

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW

Earlier in the episode, Mad Dog contacts Archie from juvie to tell him that he is being transferred to Hiram’s prison. Archie searches for a way to save them. He teams up with Veronica and they scheme to lure Governor Dooley into Hiram’s old office.

They blackmail him into pardoning Archie’s friends. Once they are released Archie offers that they stay at his gym. They help Jughead and the rest of the Serpents. We see Baby-Teeth manning the door as the others go into an apartment building.

This was the last someone saw of him that night. He disappeared but a surprise turned up to Archie’s gym. It was the cups that the Gargoyle King makes you drink out of. Unfortunately, instead of drink, there are teeth! Something clicks in Archie’s head and FP is immediately out searching. FP finds Baby-Teeth underneath the Gargoyle king’s, stick statue. Is he dead?

Obviously, the plot hasn’t died down. Riverdale is now taking a short break, returning April 18.