No sign of animal activists at the Ararat Abattoir – hundreds protest across the country

The Ararat Abattoir has not yet been affected by a national day of action by animal activist group Aussie Farms.

Protests are taking place across the country with hundreds of people protesting what they label as the barbaric slaughter of sheep and pigs.

Drone flyover of Ararat Abattoir
PHOTO: Aussie Farms

Victoria Police have responded to protesters this morning who blocked the intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets in Melbourne using vehicles.

“Officers are currently monitoring the protest to ensure there are no breaches of the peace,” Victoria Police said in a statement earlier.

Police have now arrested the group who sat in the centre of the busy intersection – many had to be carried away.

Another nine protesters have been arrested at the Goulburn Abattoir in New South Wales.

Police have said that they chained themselves to a conveyor and allegedly refused to leave the premises.

“Goulburn Police Rescue cut the people free and arrested them at the scene,” read a New South Wales Police statement.

Three of the arrested refused to walk from the abattoir and had to be carried to the police vehicle.

There have been reports of more protests in other parts of the country, including Warwick which saw up to 200 people flock to their local abattoir.