After an easy cry? Watch Five Feet Apart

Are you planning on seeing Five Feet Apart before the holidays end? Be sure to take some tissues with you – it’s a tear-jerking, emotional movie.

My thoughts on this movie are completely positive. I have already gone and seen it at the cinema twice.

Five Feet Apart promotional poster.

Stella (portrayed by Hayley Lu Richardson) is a patient diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Her best friend Poe (played by Moises Arias) also has CF. Their friendship is heartwarming but becomes quite sad – no spoilers here.

Poe and Stella become close with new patient Will (portrayed by Cole Sprouse). Yes, one of our resident Riverdale stars! Stella, especially, grows a strong bond with her fellow patient.

Will is also dealing with CF but has contracted a very deadly and lethal bacteria that can be passed on to other Cystic Fibrosis sufferers.

Stella and Will fall in love with each other, but the nurse, Barb, doesn’t allow them to be near each other. All of them fight and are sad at many points.

Then they are happy and breaking a rule by taking one foot forward, then it’s sad again, then happy and then happy-sad.

PHOTO: Five Feet Apart

The ending left a big plot opening for creative thinkers out there. Fingers crossed they make a sequel!

I was unsure what CF was until I watched this movie. Stella explains it through her YouTube channel which is a really interesting way to share it.

Cystic Fibrosis is a sickness that affects mainly the lungs and digestive system. People with CF develop an abnormal amount of excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, airways and digestive system.

This causes impairment of the digestive functions of the pancreas and traps bacteria in the lungs, resulting in recurrent infections, leading to irreversible damage.

Lung failure is the major cause of death for someone with CF. It’s mainly because of a malfunction in the exocrine system that’s responsible for producing saliva, sweat, tears and mucus. There is currently no cure.

I hope that there is a cure found sooner rather than later because the way CF was portrayed in this movie really captures the way it affects one’s life.

PHOTO: Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart was directed by Justin Baldoni, American actor, director and filmmaker. Maybe you would recognise him as Rafael from Jane the Virgin, streaming on Netflix.

Baldoni is a talented actor and director. I think with his experience of acting it made the movie that 10% better.

It was an amazing movie and a must-see. Make sure to put it down on your list and rush to your local theatre asap. I 100% recommend this movie for teens, adults and even elders.

The production of the movie was super cool and effective. The movie fills you with plenty of emotions and spreads awareness of diseases that not everyone is aware of. 

5/5 Stars