Anti-graffiti program teaches students about professional street art

A group of Ararat College students participated in an anti-graffiti program in Term 3 of last year, in a partnership between the College, Ararat Council, Ararat Stake Park Committee and local police.

A piece of street art created by Ararat College’s VCAL students.

Professional artist KIL Productions travelled from Melbourne to teach the group design works, street art history and skills that would help deliver an artistic design for the newly renovated skate park.

“It was pretty amazing. It was good to learn heaps about different art techniques and different styles,” said Year 11 Ned Bond.

The program outlined the subjects of current laws, penalties around graffiti and the history of street art.

Since the implantation of the art at the skate park, the council believes the graffiti rate has gone down at the site.

“I think the people there like it more so they won’t [paint] their stuff over it,” said Year 11 Jacob Honeyman.

Ned Bond agreed with Honeyman: “I think if it’s done right the first time, they won’t try and go over it.”

A short film was also created to provide students with experience in the area of media.