Ararat’s annual floral tribute is assembled ahead of ANZAC Day

A group of volunteers spent the day constructing this year’s Anzac Day Floral Tribute at the Ararat Cenotaph, in preparation for tomorrow’s commemorations.

Ararat 800 Primary School has been conducting the “important community tradition” for 62 years in 2019.

Locals lay flowers at the Ararat Cenotaph for the 62nd year.
PHOTO: Claire Leggett

Bill Jones was once an Ararat 800 student, then a principal, and now he continues to help put together the visual display of colours in his own time.

“I started doing the flowers in 1959 when I was a prep student at 800 and I did them until 1965,” Jones said.

“I started doing them again in 2001 when I was Principal at 800 and I’ve been doing them ever since.”

Jones said that the community’s response is always positive when speaking of the delicate work the volunteers do.

Ararat 800 Primary School students assist in creating the floral tribute.
PHOTO: Claire Leggett

The design includes a Rising Sun emblem and the words ‘Lest We Forget’, all constructed with vibrant marigolds and dahlias by adults and school children.

Ararat 800 Principal Ryan Oliver shared how proud the school is to be involved with such a pioneering and creative project.

“As a school community we want to do our part in recognising the brave efforts of our fallen fathers and mothers, and also keep up the really rich and strong tradition that’s been going for a very long time,” Principal Oliver said.

“I think in terms of community, our school’s got a really strong connection.”

“People have said that our ANZAC Day tradition has always been something that people from outside the community stop and watch in awe.”

Floral letters are transported from Ararat 800 to the Cenotaph.
PHOTO: Claire Leggett

Ararat 800 students assembled the ‘Lest We Forget’ component at the school while other community members constructed the Rising Sun emblem on site.

Locals can observe the tribute while attending Ararat’s dawn service tomorrow at 6am, or the morning service at 10am.