AWE helping multiple schools with student wellbeing

Ararat College is among 34 schools that participate in the wellbeing survey known as ‘AWE’.

The students completed the survey this morning during period one.

The survey is designed to allow teachers to be aware of students that are struggling or being bullied, an email is sent from AWE to the staff of the school to provide the information.

“The premise of it is good and will help students in the future with their mental wellbeing,” Year 10 student Daniel Leggett said.

The answers of the surveys are set up on a chart which makes it easier for AWE and teachers to understand the students.

The survey is displayed with multiple questions designed for students to easily give their honest answers.

The survey is short and only takes 5-15 minutes to complete, leaving enough time for students to finish their class work.

“It was very organised and touched on a broad range of subjects,” Year 10 student Monica Nguyen said.