Riverdale Recap: Fear The Reaper

We’re back with another episode recap! You may have noticed that we missed an episode due to the school holidays. If you have missed watching it you should go back and have a look before continuing.

This week’s episode was the final episode that our beloved star, Luke Perry starred in. It was refreshing to see his face again, hopefully they still mention Fred from time to time.

PHOTO: Courtesy of CW

In the last episode FP and Jughead had caught Kurt but Kurt revealed that JB was in trouble. FP and Jughead raced against the clock back to their house, where, left on the pool table was a small note. The note is from the Gargoyle king, inviting Jellybean to play a G&G round with him, with the outcome of the game determining her fate.

The Jones’ family are distraught that their daughter was taken so they tied Kurt down and punched him until he spilled where Jellybean was. They had to play G&G. The first challenge made the family rob Pops. Pop Tate shot FP which left Jughead fuming. The next challenge was that Gladys and Penny, (who yes we all thought were dead) had to fight with Ninja Sais.

PHOTO: Courtesy of CW

Gladys gets hurt and is taken to the emergency room like FP. Then there was one. Kurt takes Jughead to a junkyard, where Jughead has to choose between two fridges. One supposedly had Jellybean, the other was something that could hurt him. He opens both and nothing is behind either. Kurt then pulls a gun on Jughead and forces him to get into one of the fridges. He locks Jug in and leaves.

Jughead kicks his way out to find Kurt dead on the ground. He slowly turns around and notices that the Gargoyle King is looming over his head. He runs to his car and drives away. Later in the episode, Gladys decides she wants to hit the road and stop bringing the drama to the family for a while.

PHOTO: Courtesy of CW

Archie deals with the fact that he accidentally killed Randy. In the last episode Randy and Archie had a boxing match – Randy was juicing. Archie happened to punch him so hard that he was knocked out. It was then revealed in this episode that he passed. Archie is filled with guilt.

Betty was asked by her father to see if Betty would be able to get Hal transferred to Hiram’s prison so that he could be closer to home. Hiram says that he will be able to which improves Betty’s attitude.

Later on Hiram reveals that there was an accident. Hal didn’t make it and died. I hope this is just a scheme and Hiram is lying because I was quite liking Betty and Hal’s detective relationship.

Betty also finds out that Edgar was adopting the twins as well as marrying Alice. Betty gets Penelope to bargain her way to getting Dagwood because they would not let her take both of the twins. Betty schemes to get Toni, who joined the farm in the last episode, to help steal Juniper.

PHOTO: Courtesy of CW

They see someone opening a door so they duck into the furnace room where the wedding and adoption is happening. Betty is horrified because Toni betrayed her and the plan.

One of the most shocking moments within the episode is when Betty finds out that Evelyn has been enrolled in numerous schools, she is actually 26 and has been enrolling in the same year level for about a decade. She is also Edgar’s wife! Not his daughter!

The farm once again attempts to enrol Betty and for a second I thought she was about to but instead she turns around and runs outside. They were ordered to chase after Betty. It was actually quite uncomfortable and very weird.

Josie performs once again this week and as usual she was amazing. Her dad was in town so she invited him to watch, for a moment Josie thought that her dad. As a surprise at the end of her performance, he steps forward to congratulate he. He later invites her to go on tour with him and she was so excited.