Red Cloud Turns Mildura’s Day into Night

At 5:00 pm on Tuesday the 7th of May, a cyclonic dust storm hit Mildura in North-West Victoria. The dust storm took the town from day to night, lasting roughly 20 minutes.


One women who was driving towards Mildura at the time of the storm, could only describe it as ‘cyclonic and apocalyptic’. Due to the massive red cloud, visibility was reduced to just a couple hundred meters ahead. It took 5 minutes for the sky to become pitch black.

Senior forecaster of the Bureau of Meteorology, Dean Stewart, stated that the dust storm had wind gusts of 87Kph. The wind gusts, which carried the dust extended as far as Ouyen and Walpeup to the south of Mildura.

It is possible for Robinvale and Hopetoun to experience similar storms. These type of phenomenon’s are very rare this time of year, they typically occur during the summer months. However since the land around Mildura is still very dry, the gusty winds managed to pick up the dust and carry it across.