Riverdale Recap : Prom Night

Back with another recap. This episode was interesting. To keep it short, I’ll only talk about the core four. The episode was focused on two separate plots: Prom night and Archie’s future in boxing.

In the last episode we said it was Luke’s last episode, so first up we see Mary arrive at the Andrews house. Archie explains that his father was away by the end of this episode. I personally think I know how they are writing him out. Mary is staying in Riverdale while Fred is out of town, as she is scared for her son’s safety, but I think she will be Archie’s primary guardian now and Fred will always be out of town. Sadly that’s how it might be!

Now, let’s talk about Archie’s boxing. We all love it. Archie is trying to become pro but his mum and dad don’t approve of his goals. They would prefer he plan his college education and future. Archie starved himself and worked too hard for a week so he lost pounds to be in his usual weight category. Maddog helps him. Mary suggests that Archie could go to a college that offers boxing. Archie considers it, so Mary sets up the meeting. Archie wants to fight two matches in a day but Veronica isn’t so sure. She tries stopping Archie numerous times, unsuccessfully.

PHOTO: tvinsider.com

Archie tried stepping into the ring for his second match but he completely passed out. Was he being a klutz when he tripped on the side of the ring or did he pass out before he stepped in the ring? He was okay when he was checked on later.

Varchie made a come-back this episode! They went to prom together…as friends, but will they get back together? Let’s hope so.

(Also as a side note before we get into the prom night, Veronica found out that Hiram played her…AGAIN! When Veronica ‘bought’ Pops, Hiram actually didn’t sell it to her. So Veronica has actually been working for her father for this whole time. When will Hiram stop his scheming ways!?)

Now onto Prom… Choni looked flawless as usual. Varchie – can they get back together already? Then we had the almighty Bughead, who really were planning to lure the Gargoyle King to Prom. Jughead and Betty had a lead on the Gargoyle King thanks to Jellybean, so this episode that’s what they focused on. Betty couldn’t get past the fact that she thought Edgar was in charge of all of this. Jughead was just protecting Betty.

Then it was time for Prom. As we all know, Hal supposedly died in the last episode. Well, Betty wasn’t so sure but she went to prom anyway, and let me say this, she looked amazing! Lili is a star! Betty was about to be announced Prom Queen (all a part of the Serpent’s and Poison’s plan.) when she got a letter from the Gargoyle King. He wanted to meet her alone.

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She went to the place where the first accession party was held, and she headed to the girls’ bathroom. Betty saw the two goblets that Alice also almost drank from and ran out of the bathroom, and saw the Gargoyle King. She stood up to him and asked what he wanted. Instead of answering, a black hooded man popped into frame. The camera showed that he had a hook for a hand. So of course, who else could this be? Yes Hal. The Black Hood is back. And he killed many teens. We see that as Betty was chased around the school.

Betty? Chased around the school? Yes. You get the Black Hood – you already know him. He began fighting Betty by throwing her up against a door. Betty stands up and has to fight her dad. She runs to escape him and tries absolutely everything to get away. She ran around over and over again, barely escaping. She finally went into the famous cupboard under the stairs.  The same cupboard Jughead stayed in and the same cupboard Featherhead died in. Betty tried her hardest to keep her dad out. She tried calling 911. She lent against the door for a while, trying to keep Hal out. Soon we heard a soft knock on the door. Then Jughead’s voice. Betty opened the door and flung herself into his arms and cried. As expected, it was adorable! They also shared a cute moment later at the police station.

I hope you read all of that because I know I said to keep it short but I think this has been one of the best episodes this season personally. Until next week’s episode..