Meet Greens candidate Zephlyn Taylor

Zephlyn has lived in south-west Victoria for most of her life. She cares about both the people and the environment of this region. She became actively involved with the Greens when she was a young teenager and has recently launched a youth group for young people to share ideas and take social and environmental action.

Why should Wannon vote for you?

“A vote for the Greens is a vote for the future. I take issues such as climate change, affordable housing, free education and safe roads seriously,” said Taylor.

“I want Wannon to get the attention and the funding necessary for us to progress in these areas. As a young candidate, I am driven by my eagerness to achieve these things.”

What issues are you most passionate about?

“I am passionate about combatting climate change; as I don’t see the possibility of a future without making an immediate change.  
Ensuring that First Nations Peoples voices are heard in parliament and that a treaty, or treaties, are established.”

“As I recognise our long history of mistreatment toward Indigenous Australians and understand the importance of addressing issues such as the high incarceration rates of First Nations Peoples and the disadvantage with health, education and life expectancy.”

“And building a strong and sustainable economy. This means making sure that big companies pay their share of taxes and refusing to accept large donations from corporations trying to buy political influence.”

“The Greens plan to build a society where necessities are low-cost, we have what we need to live a decent life, jobs are meaningful and wages are fair. It’s really not much to ask for, and I am passionate about delivering it.”  

“I am also passionate about closing the offshore detention centres and creating a system that ensures people can fairly and quickly find safety and a place to rebuild their lives, without being punished and losing their dignity in the process.”

“I want to see an end to the inhumane and torturous living conditions that people on Manus Island and Nauru experience.”  

What do you think your voters are most passionate about? 

“I think that voters care about affordable housing, as rent prices skyrocket and the average minimum wage earner can’t afford a comfortable and affordable home. The Greens plan to build 3,570 low-cost homes in Wannon in a bid to provide securing housing.”

‘I also see that improving the roads is a priority for voters, The Greens are dedicated to improving the quality of rural roads which would be one of my biggest priorities if elected.”

“On top of that, I think that voters are passionate about having an improved healthcare system that delivers free, quality care whenever you need it.”

“The Greens plan to fund a universal public healthcare system, which includes dental into Medicare, reducing hospital waitlists, increased resources for mental health and introducing an Independent Preventative Health Commission that tackles the rising rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.”

Why do you want to enter politics? 

“I am passionate about making positive and sustainable change, and politics is a great way to do that. I love Wannon, and I have a clear vision of how to improve our living standards so that we can all enjoy life.”

“Ultimately, I want to be in a position where I can actively be involved in what is happening in Australia.”

“I also think that it is important to bring variety to politics, we’ve seen a lot of older aged men and not very many young women.”

“The Greens also have policies that I think will make the world a much better place, and I want to help make that happen faster.” 

What experience do you have that would support you as our region’s federal representative? 

“As a young candidate, I don’t have years of experience in politics. I do have some life experience that would support me in my role as the region’s federal representative.”

“However, my willingness to listen and to learn is what sets me apart from other candidates. I am eager to do what is right for the people of Wannon and will continue to learn how I can best deliver that.”

Wannon has been held by the Liberal Party since 1955, do you think you can change that?

“It’s possible.”

Zephlyn Taylor’s Top 5 Priorities

1. Transitioning to renewables
2. Improving our roads 
3. Investing in aged care 
4. Powering small businesses 
5. Providing free University and TAFE  

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