Meet independent candidate Alex Dyson

Alex is a former Triple J radio host, known to his listeners as Rat Dog, a bar owner, DJ, and all-around political newbie. He has been covered by national media organisations after he announced his policies through “interpretive dance.”

Why should Wannon vote for you?

“Because they – the people of Wannon – would be my boss,” Dyson said.

“With every other candidate in the field this year, you would get Scott Morrison in charge. Or Bill Shorten. Or, heaven forbid, Clive Palmer.”

“With an Independent Candidate, the region would take their future in their own hands and have someone without any other vested interests fighting for the community. I would be honoured to be that person.”

What issues are you most passionate about?

“I’m super passionate about the environment. It’s something that affects everyone – from farmers to office workers, to small business owners, to students – the inaction we’ve seen in that department over many years is infuriating. Especially for young people who will be the ones that will inherit the mess.”

“Alongside that, mental health and violence against women are also super important, and two issues that are not being treated with the same urgency that their scale demands.”

What do you think your voters are most passionate about?

“Talking to voters it’s evident that their problems are extremely diverse, but there is one thing that connects them: a deep frustration with politicians being distracted by their own ambition and forgetting they’ve got a country to run.”

“We’ve currently got a government who attacked the Labour Party for years about being unstable, and now are onto their third Prime Minister in six years. The hypocrisy is palpable, and I think voters have had enough.”

Why do you want to enter politics?

“According to all the science, it’s going to be a very difficult future for us unless we drastically address climate change. I wanted to be able to look back and say at least I gave it a shot. At least I tried to hold those in power accountable for their inaction.”

“And, if all goes to plan, at least I showed other young people that politics is important, and change can happen if enough people strive for it.”

What experience do you have that would support you as our region’s federal representative?

“As a breakfast radio host for many years, my strength is in listening and communication.”

“I’ve interviewed everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Julia Gillard, to Wil Ferrell, and it’s my ability to defer my own interests and make the guest shine that will hopefully allow me to interact with the people in my electorate, hear their views and concerns, then be able to react to them.”

“Then by communicating my decisions to the wider electorate effectively, this will ideally mean that even if they don’t agree with my decision making, they can understand how I came to make it.”

Wannon has been held by the Liberal Party since 1955, do you think you can change that? 

“I am the definition of an underdog when it comes to winning the seat, but I can guarantee if I do I will be immediately contacting Steven Spielberg to direct the telemovie of my story.”

You’ve managed to appeal to younger voters with your dance moves but what about older voters? 

“Well, my grandparents met at a dance near Stawell, so I know that older voters like dancing as well!”

“But seriously, I think they are just as fed up as younger voters. Problems such as cost of living, and even the issues coming to light through the recent royal commission into aged care show that everyone’s problems have been shelved in favour of the political point scoring of the Canberra Bubble.”

“Voting for a candidate that sits outside of that echo chamber, in my opinion, will be in everyone’s best interests.”

Alex Dyson’s Top 5 Priorities

1. Environment
2.Mental Health
3. Domestic Violence
4.Upgrading transport for regional areas 

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