Meet United Australia Party candidate Joshua Wallace

Josh grew up on a farm in the Cobden area and has worked on several dairy farms in the local area, starting at the age of 14. He has worked for several large dairy companies over the past seven years.

Why should Wannon vote for you?

“I live in this area, I have a vested interest in the region. I am a capable person and I will be doing all I can to make our region competitive on a global scale so that we can have jobs and prosperity well into the future, and ensure we raise the standard of living for everyone,” Wallace said.

What issues are you most passionate about?

“Electricity prices – we can’t be competitive on a global scale with current utility prices. How is Australian industry, paying 27c/kWh supposed to be able to compete with one, say, in Russia where they can pay prices as low as 0.021c/kWh?”

“Infrastructure – once again, to be competitive on a global scale we need the infrastructure in place make our economy as productive as it can possibly be. This means more investment in road and rail projects.”

“Raising the standard of living – Many of our young people are leaving our region for the city because a lack of opportunity, as well as lower levels of access to education and healthcare. We have the policies in place to help decentralise Australia, to bring opportunity back to the regions, to incentivise more high quality doctors and teachers to live in regional areas. And to help largely remove the tyranny of distance as a factor in where people choose to live.”

What do you think your voters are most passionate about?

“Definitely, from the feedback I get from most voters, their largest priorities seem to be roads, healthcare and employment.”

“Why? Most likely because people are dying on our roads, people are having to go to Melbourne to get treatment for many medical issues that we just aren’t equipped to deal with locally and because there is a lack of high-quality employment in our region.”

Why do you want to enter politics?

“I want to make a real difference, I have observed the problems we face from afar at times and I have complained about them at times as well.”

“The current political environment doesn’t encourage high performance, and it’s time we do something about it. I think I am a capable person and I have a strong resolve to do everything I can for our region and Australia.”

What experience do you have that would support you as our region’s federal representative?

“I have been trading stocks and cryptographic assets for about the last two years. To be successful trading I have had to gain a high level of knowledge in the political, especially geopolitical environment.”

Wannon has been held by the Liberal Party since 1955, do you think you can change that?

“Only the voters have the power to change who represents them – hopefully, I have put a compelling enough argument to the people of Wannon for them to choose me as their representative. If they do, I believe I can make a real difference.”

Lastly, do you get sick of your own advertisements?

“Hahaha, well they certainly are everywhere. The fact that you ask me this question reinforces to me that our message is getting out there. And that’s what’s important, so I am willing to put up with them for a while longer.”

Joshua Wallace’s Top 5 Priorities

1.Tax cuts to stimulate domestic demand, boost productivity and provide more employment opportunities.
2.Infrastructure investment (road, rail, hospitals).
3.Remove “network charges” (40-50%) from your electricity bill by paying out the 10% interest loans taken out by private entities, replacing it with a 2% government loan.
4.Re-introduce “The Australia Fund” (2014) bill to help our farmers in times of crisis.
5.Create incentives for downstream processing of Australia’s mineral resources to be done in our region, so that our communities can maximise their return from Australia’s mineral resources and see real benefit in the way of jobs and infrastructure for the future.

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