Riverdale: The Dark Secret of Harvest House & Survive the Night

The past two episodes were crazy, so I figured I would combine the two. So let’s get straight into this recap! Episode 21: The Dark Secret of Harvest House… This episode was insane! Please do not read ahead if you have not caught up on watching the episodes as there are major spoilers! It started off with the aftermath of the Prom Night. Riverdale High School was literally turned into a morgue with bodies everywhere. It was confirmed that Hal was in fact still alive. Jughead was on a mission to find out who hurt Betty. Obviously, it was Hal but others were also involved.
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Next up we see Hiram and Hermonie fighting. What isn’t new? Hiram plans to buy Riverdale. No, not just buildings, but the entire town. Veronica, Archie, Mary and a detective team up to take down Hiram. They plan to frame Hiram for all of the shady stuff that has happened at Le Bonne Nuit. Hiram didn’t commit these crimes but the police and FBI don’t know that. Archie challenges Hiram to a boxing match to distract Hiram while Veronica sets more shady things up. Hiram gets arrested and Veronica is finally relieved. Betty also was living at the farm while she investigated them further. She finds out about a certain procedure that the frames go through. She lifts Kevin’s shirt to reveal that he has a massive scar along his hip. Betty is terrified for his safety and her friends’ safety. She keeps looking and finds the area where Edgar hides organs. Yes… organs. The farm is found out to be an organ harvesting farm. She races to find Cheryl, knowing that Toni is having her surgery soon and Cheryl after hers. She explains to Cheryl what is happening and Cheryl runs, full speed to find Toni. She breaks into the room and pushes, fights and struggles her way to get Toni out of the room. Toni and Cheryl run and run and run to get out. Cheryl pushes Toni out of a small window but before getting herself out she closes the window. She claims that this is Toni’s only chance at freedom. Cheryl then gets attacked by farm guards. Betty tries to get Kevin and Fangs to listen but they attack her. Betty gets forced to go in the procedure room where it shows Edgar preparing for surgery. Betty tries to fight her way out of the seat but cannot. Then the episode ends… Now Episode 22: Survive the Night… The episode starts with the devil Penelope. Instead of focusing on little side parts of the episode we will focus on the main parts. Surviving the Night. The Black Hood. The Gargoyle King. And, of course, the Farm. Betty gets taken before her forced surgery. The other three, Jughead, Veronica and Archie, get formal clothing and invitations to a dinner. They go to the dinner and wait. Betty wakes up, puts her outfit that was prepared for her on and heads downstairs. There sits Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Penelope. It was insane from that moment onwards. Penelope called two more people in. They were the Black Hood and Gargoyle King. Penelope scolds them for having their masks on. Hal takes his off and we were not surprised to see who he was. Then the Gargoyle King begins taking his mask off. This was the moment that shocked everyone. It was Chic! Chic is the Gargoyle King! He dyed his hair red and pretended to be Jason. How crazy! Well, it gets crazier. Penelope makes the gang fight their way through challenges in the forest. She calls it the last G&G quest. The first thing that the core four do is come across a challenge for the Red Paladin. Archie had to fight a ‘bear’. It really was a very tall man wearing a costume. He also looked overloaded on fizzle rocks. Archie wins.
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The next challenge was Jughead had to fight Chic. Two Kings. Fighting it out. Jughead wins. Next there was Veronica’s challenge. Spin the bottle with a twist: the bottle lands on the goblet she must drink out of. Veronica must do it with her closest companion so Betty does it with her. They take turns drinking out of the goblets. They said that one of the goblets was poisoned, the others were not. Betty was supposed to drink the last goblet which was supposedly the poisoned one but Veronica stopped her and drank it before Betty could. Veronica explained that she couldn’t let Betty die – she was her best friend and she loved Betty too much. Penelope then appeared and actually told the gang that all of the goblets were in fact all poisoned so the only way that the girls would live would be if they completed the quest to receive the antidote. They hurry on their way, to Betty’s challenge. Betty must shoot her father before he shoots her. Betty can’t do it and she shoots his leg instead. Penelope comes out of the shadows and shoots Hal because he was a horrible serial killer. Betty is horrified. Penelope then forces her Gargoyles to chase the gang. Before they do Archie was able to get the antidote. They race against the clock and are saved by the Pretty Poisons and Serpents. Then we see the core four at Pop’s. There is a flash forward of senior year. It opened a lot of possibilities for Season 4. Now that wraps up this recap and our final recap for a few months! I hope you read all of this, I know it was long but it definitely was an exciting few episodes.