Ella Wood takes the next step in her football career

Ella Wood has been playing football for 12 years, improving her ability and skills game by game.

The Ararat College Year 12 student officially became a VFLW Western Bulldogs player last week and was selected into the Vic Country Squad.

PHOTO: Ella Wood (Instagram)

Ararat College Acting Principal Ellie McDougall congratulated the VCE student, “What a fantastic achievement which has come about through your hard work and determination to follow your dreams.”

We sat down with Ella this week to discuss her football journey and recent developments, whilst also announcing her as our first Local Legend.

Ella said that her love for footy grew after watching her older brothers on the field, inspiring her to grab a ball as well.

“I’ve tried cricket and soccer and I haven’t liked any of them either so I’m sticking with footy,” she said.

“It (Western Bulldogs signing) means everything to me because I’ve always wanted to, you know, go further with my footy. I’m completely overwhelmed with the opportunity that I get with them.”

“Coming back from an injury and going to play the game again – it is kind of scary. You do worry that something else is going to happen but no, honestly, I’m confident this season that I’m just going to push through.”

Ella also has her eye on the AFLW National Draft in October, acknowledging that it would be the peak of her football journey.

“I’ve always wanted it and after every step of footy that I’ve been through and every journey that I’ve had, I’ve always just thought: AFL Draft, I want to be there for that.”

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