The Battlefield Franchise

Battlefield 1942 (released 2002) started the huge fan base for war simulating games. This game also introduced the most known and played game mode “conquest” where two teams fight for control points scattered around the map.


Battlefield Vietnam (2004) moved the setting and pace of the game to the Vietnam War, using the updated refractor engine with game play improvements.

The later release in 2005, Battlefield 2, takes the game to a more modern time period, creating a war between the US and China and a fictional Middle Eastern coalition. Apart from the bug patches due to a huge number of bugs and glitches, the game sold a whopping 2,250,000 copies worldwide.

The 2008 release, Battlefield 2142, took a different turn and set the game in the 22nd century during a global ice age. Most of the game was very graphically similar to Battlefield 2. This game introduced a variety of equip-able items that you can unlock. It also introduced battles between 2 Titan airships. Another expansion also followed called Northern Strike, adding maps, vehicles, and new game modes.


Battlefield: Bad Company was released in 2008. This battlefield game had a variety of land, air and sea vehicles. It also brought in a new destruction system allowing players to destroy environments. This was all possible in the new game engine called Frostbite.

The following game (ignoring the 2 free-to-play games in-between) is Battlefield 3. This game was announced in 2009 and in 2010 it was said that the people who pre-ordered the “medal of honor” edition would get Battlefield 3 48 hours before the open beta was released. Soon the first teaser trailer for the game was shown in 2011. Later that year the game was released, featuring jets and the ability to go prone. The game also now let’s 64 players in the game, match making for an amazing all out warfare with 32 players on each team to capture the points. The game received awards and very high ratings.