Students play pilot for a day

During Education Week, Ararat College brought in a flight simulator for students to try. The simulator was available to students from Year 7 right through to Year 12.

According to organiser Andrew Sherwell, he received a very positive reaction from students.

The flight simulator program is a volunteer program. The truck and simulator were donated by a Victorian and New South Wales organisation who worked together to make the flight simulator available to rural schools.

“Our students learned a few things from this experience,” Sherwell explained.

“The students had to really step out of their comfort zone. They also learned how to multi-task, whilst also getting a feel for the plane.”

Ararat College recognises the struggle regional schools experience trying to access workshops and experiences like this one. This is why Ararat College offers programs such as the Multi-Industry Taster program, as well as TAFE and University workshops whenever possible.

Ararat College hopes to see more opportunities like this for our students in the future.