Do you remember these iconic children’s shows?

When we were younger, life was so much easier. We would wake up in the morning, rush to the lounge room with our little blankets and turn on the TV – trying not to wake up our parents.

The theme songs are catchy and the flashbacks still bring a smile to my face. This is our generation of TV…

Arthur (1996)

Fun fact: Arthur was originally a book.

Teletubbies (1997)

Fun fact: They are a lot taller then they look.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (1968)

Fun fact: It was filmed in Sydney, NSW.

Round the Twist (1989)

Fun fact: Round the Twist was almost made into a movie

Fireman Sam (1989)

Fun fact: The Show was made to teaches kids about fire safety and staying calm during an emergency.

Postman Pat (1981)

Fun fact: There was a Postman Pat video game.

Play school (1966)

Fun fact: Second-longest-running TV series (54 years).

Fairly Odd Parents (2001)

Fun fact: Has been around for around 15 years, which means we’ve been seeing Cosmo and Wanda for more than a decade.

The Magic School Bus (1994)

Fun fact: The creator of the show used his old school friends class photos as inspiration.

Bottle Top Bill (2005)

Fun fact: There whole world was made from recycled junk.

The Koala Brothers (2003)

Fun fact: They are from Australia and resemble the Australia outback.

Roary The Racing Car (2007)

Fun fact: The program was created by David Jenkins.

Tracey McBean (2001)]

Fun fact: Is an Australian-British-American animated children’s television show.

Franklin (1997)

Fun fact: He is 6-year-old Turtle.

Pingu (1986)

Fun fact: He doesn’t actually say “noot noot.”

Bob The Builder (1998)

Fun fact: Wendy is Bob’s wife and also business partner.

Clifford (2000)

Fun fact: The author, Norman Bridwell was told he was never going make it. Clifford was also Norman’s imaginary friend.