REVIEW | The Book Thief

Markus Zusak is an inspirational author who has written one of my latest reads.

I loved it, it was one of my 14th birthday presents. I enjoyed every chapter, the effort he put into it, the love and time. That was the first book I had read that belonged to Markus and I recommend it for so many.

PICTURE: Markus Zusak author of The Book Thief

War surrounds her home and family. Nazis roam the grounds in search for Jews. She loses her brother, tears are shed but a little hope sparks in her life. Leaving the grave she finds a small object that changes her life and everything she knows: a book.

That was Liesel’s first act of crime.  Soon she craves her affection for stories and their bright adventures. Her foster parents don’t know but Liesel can’t stop herself, she needs more books but someones burning them. Her world is fragile.

Find this thrilling story at your local library and for more Marcus Zusak stories.