Victoria to gain more smartphone lifesavers

In this day and age, there is a smartphone application for every situation, hobby and task – including a revolutionary app that is helping save lives.

GoodSAM is being used by more than 5,000 paramedics, emergency service personnel and medical professionals to save Victorians at their most vulnerable. The technology helped revive nearly 20 people in a one year period who were suffering from cardiac arrests.

PHOTO: Keep Left

Acting Premier Lisa Neville and Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos joined Ambulance Victoria paramedics today to announce an expansion of the app.

“Even though paramedics are arriving at cardiac arrest emergencies faster than ever before, we still need first responders to step in when they can in the critical minutes before an ambulance arrives,” Acting Premier Lisa Neville said.

The ministers reinforced that the closest ambulance is always dispatched immediately after an emergency call relating to a cardiac arrest. Three of the nearest GoodSAM responders also receive a notification to alert them of the emergency.

“Every second counts when it comes to cardiac arrest. This revolutionary technology means good samaritans can get to the scene of a cardiac arrest sooner – and that means lives saved and tragedies avoided,” Neville said.

The app also shows the nearest public defibrillators to the GoodSAM responders to assist with their response.

“Saving lives is a team effort. We will soon have a growing army of first-aid qualified responders across Victoria who can step in and help save a life,” Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos said.

It was also shared that the latest response time data shows that Victorians are being attended to by paramedics at a more rapid pace, with 84.2 per cent of ambulances arriving within the benchmark time of 15 minutes – up from 83 per cent for the same period 12 months prior.